3 Week Post-Surgical Update


This post contains images that may be disturbing or that some may consider inappropriate.  Photos are for educational and informative purposes only.

Post-surgical photos.  Photos of breasts.  A lot of my swelling has resolved, and I’m more easily sleeping on my back, but it’s not particularly good sleep.  I have gained more range of motion in my arms and it’s easier to get dressed now.  There is still a good deal of tightness in my chest, and sneezing is uncomfortable.  It seems that the implants have settled some, but I think my nipple situation is what it is.  They just aren’t going to be level.  The right one (which was good before) now seems to be almost pointing downward.  I am hoping that the implant will further settle so that this might resolve itself.

Here is how I was looking in a shirt back during week 2.  This view was sort of a view looking down.


The beginning of week 3 brings much less in the way of swelling.  It’s still not feeling wonderful when I sit up in bed in the morning after lying flat.  I can feel the implants sliding downward and it’s not a good feeling.  It feels gross.  Somewhere between sore and burning.  As I understand it, it takes about 2-3 months for a capsule to form around the new implants.  I’m still not supposed to be doing activities that require pushing, pulling or lifting more than 5 pounds but I can drive.  Still no hiking, working out and definitely no running.

The itchiness of the first few weeks has passed, and even though a lot of swelling has gone down, I can still tell the skin is stretched pretty tight in certain spots.  I’ve been applying lotion and this helps a lot.

The bruising has mostly resolved.  Week 2 saw the worst of that.  The marks seen on my breasts below are from a sports bra.




After showering I am having to lift up each breast and make sure everything is dry along the incisions.  My breasts feel quite heavy.  Even though I have adhesive remover, I have not been able to bring myself to try to wipe or mess with any adhesive that might be left over from my bandages.  I’m just not feeling like I want to mess with them much.  They are still numb in several areas, and how much of that will come back I don’t know.  Prior to this surgery they were mostly numb from the nipples down.  Curiously, I now have numbness in different areas and a small area of my lower right breast that seems to have regained some feeling.  Very interesting.

I go back for my one month post-surgical appointment soon.  I’m getting closer to the finish line!






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