Implant Exchange And Revision


This post contains images that may be disturbing or that some may consider inappropriate.  Photos are for educational and informative purposes only.

Fat Grafting

It has been nearly a year since my last blog post.  That’s crazy to me.  Time has just flown.  I’d completely forgotten to write another update to my fat grafting post.  I recently came across pictures of my abdomen (where the fat was harvested) and realized I’d never posted them.

The long and the short of the fat grafting was this–the side flatness of my left breast was improved, but the large dent and flatness of my left breast and inverted nipple did not improve.  I was also left with a long dent (where the wand traveled and harvested the most fat) in my abdomen, which looks so awesome directly above my c-section shelf.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  It looks awful.  But what are you gonna do?  It is what it is.

At a visit to discuss how to proceed further, my plastic surgeon mentioned to me that there were new implants available that offered much more projection and less rippling.  He said I might be able to avoid about 2-3 more fat grafting procedures if I decided to just switch out the current implants for the new, ultra high profile ones.

Having experienced so many complications, the initial thought of opening up those incisions and removing the implants scared the crap out of me.  But 2 or more fat grafting procedures–each with a 3 month recovery and wait for final result–seemed infinitely more daunting.  I am not a conservative person by nature.  I am pretty much an all or nothing kind of gal.  So what the hell, let’s just do the new implants.  To me, the risk was worth it if I could get rid of the dented left breast, nipple that was trying to hide, and get some more projection so that my breasts weren’t flat.  We also planned to do an abdominoplasty at the same time.  I can’t even express to you how long I’ve wanted one of those.

Surgery Day

On the day of surgery I was bumped up to first in line, which was great because I would have been such a hangry bitch by the 1 pm surgery time they originally had me down for, that no one would even want to be around me.  So happy I was moved up.

The plan was to exchange my current implants for newer, ultra high profile ones (Natrelle Inspira Extra High Profile), revise my left breast and try to re-position the nipple without actually cutting and moving it.  I decided to reschedule the abdominoplasty for a few different reasons.  With surgery so close to Christmas and 2 kid birthdays, it just seemed too selfish to spend that much money out of pocket for a cosmetic procedure.  I also have a new show pup to train, and the longer my recovery, the longer it would be until I got back to that.  So I decided to put that surgery off until sometime next year.

Since I knew he was going to do some revisions, I asked him if he would need to use a smaller sized implant in order to have more skin to work with, particularly in trying to move that left nipple down.  He said no, that he felt I had too much skin and didn’t want to be cutting into it any more than he had to.  If anything, he said he felt he might have to increase the size of the implants so that they would better fill out the pockets and not slide around in there.  I went in with 600 ccs.  I woke up with 650.

Anesthesia is my nemesis.  It does awful things to me.  The last several surgeries I’ve done well tolerating the anesthesia, thanks to one anesthesiologist finding the magic concoction.  The correct mixture was written in my chart and we’d managed to have it at the ready for the anesthesiologist for each subsequent procedure. For some reason, no one had it this time.  I knew instantly what this meant.  Waking up was going to be really, really icky.  And it was.

I also woke up with no drains, and no surgical bra, both of which I’d really expected.  I was thrilled not to have any drains.  The bra I was concerned about, but was assured by the nurses that if he’d wanted me in one, that I would have it.  I went home that same day, green and nauseous and feeling pretty rough.   But I’d glanced downward under my gown and was pleased to see that my left nipple was no longer hiding, and I had no dent.  Granted I was really swollen, I was happy to see this.

Day Of Surgery Photos


Day of surgery

The left breast had a lot more revision work done on it (therefore is more swollen), and previously sat very high.  It now sits lower.  I am hoping as they settle down they are more even.  The nipples are still not perfect with regard to being even, but they so far have more projection and I am ok with them not being even.  I think that they are closer than before, but only time and photo comparisons will tell.


Day of surgery side view

One of my most hated after effects of surgery is abdominal distention.  Anesthesia, meds that slow down your digestive system and no drains (fluid will move downward) all contribute to this, and for someone who is SO obsessed with my stupid abdomen, seeing it swollen is just no fun.

You may also notice that on the side of the breast (where it moves around to the underarm area) there is no definition like with natural breasts.  My breasts pretty much just extend all the way around to my armpits.  As the swelling goes down it will look better, but I doubt there’s anything that can ever be done about this.  If you can’t quite get what I’m describing, see the illustration below:


Illustration of normal breast curve

In a bra and certain bathing suit tops you don’t notice this, but it may be hard to look at when you’re used to seeing something else there.  Nowhere in my internet searches or doctor consults did anyone mention this, so if I can make one person aware that this can happen, I’m happy.  It may bother some, others maybe not.  I just would have liked to have known that I could be looking at this and it would be my reality.

Sleeping Is Hard

I am a side sleeper.  You cannot sleep on your side for quite some time after this type of surgery.  I was told it was best to sleep propped up with several pillows, but that back sleeping was also allowed.  The problem with back sleeping is that you cannot use your arms to push or pull yourself up and you cannot roll to the side.  If you have to get up to use the restroom or whatever, you will need help.

I have a bad neck and back anyway, so sleeping propped up on a ton of pillows is excruciating.  My ass was sore after the first few hours, and as a result of all the discomfort, sleeping more than a few hours at a time just didn’t happen for me.   This is where all that ab work at the gym can come in handy, because if you can manage a sit up, you might be able to get yourself to an upright position.

If you have a very high bed, a step stool next to it can be a huge help.



Stay tuned for more progress photos and post-op appointment.





2 thoughts on “Implant Exchange And Revision

  1. I’m so glad your surgery went well! I used to work for a plastic surgeons office doing book keeping, a good surgeon is magical in what he can do. You’re looking great! I hope the new implants work out well for you and healing progresses smoothly. Hugs!

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