Surgery (Again)

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything here because there’s not been much to tell.   Life has gone on, kids have school, I have the dogs and have been trying to write a book.  Daily life has steadily moved forward.  I have been active and have really not had many things I haven’t been able to do due to the mastectomy and subsequent surgeries.   The last lingering procedure hanging out there has been cosmetic, to fix the dent left in my left breast by scar tissue adhering to the muscle.   It’s not a huge deal; not something I couldn’t live with, but given that I am fairly vain, I knew I wanted it fixed if it could be.

I had a consult with my plastic surgeon some months ago and we scheduled the surgery for April.  As it approached I began to have anxiety over having to recover from another procedure and be dependent on others to care for me, over not being able to be as active as I have been, over the possibility of infection and bigger disasters occurring.   I decided I wasn’t ready and announced that I was putting it off indefinitely, though I did not cancel the procedure.  I called the surgeon’s office and made an appointment for a face-to-face with the surgeon, so that I could ask him if he truly thought that a fat graft would make that much of a difference, and how sure he was that the implant would not be punctured through my super thin skin.

So yesterday, a few days before the scheduled surgery, was my appointment.  Going in there, I was 90 percent sure I would cancel the surgery.  When I left, I headed to have my pre-surgical labs done.

As it turns out, he decided not to do the fat graft but to open the breast above the scar and the area in question, clear out the scar tissue, fold and insert a sheet of alloderm to fill out the area.  He assured me the recovery would be quick and my restrictions would be few, so I decided to go ahead and just get it over with.   Unlike the fat grafting procedure, which would most likely have to be repeated, this way I would most likely be done in one shot.  One less surgery sounded awesome to me.  Sign me up.

So tomorrow morning I go in at 6 am.  I am his first surgery of the day.  Tonight I will take some Before pictures of the area to compare with after the procedure.   Wish me luck!






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