Countdown To April 2014

I recently went to my 6 month follow-up from the last surgery.  Everything is looking good, but there are a few cosmetic things I’d like tweaked if possible.  This will involve a fat grafting procedure and removing fat from my abdomen, then re-locating it in my breasts to even out some lumps, bumps and dents.  I also expressed concerns that it appears my right breast is lower than my right.  They feel that strategic placement of fat can help this as well, rather than attempting to revise the scars on the bottom of my breasts.  No ones in a hurry to do that.

I’ve been posting fairly regularly on the accompanying facebook page to this blog, detailing my accomplishments since my last surgery.  I’ve been a rather busy bee!  I certified another therapy dog, imported another Corso for my growing program, began working out (2 hours a day!), doing yoga and officially began work on an ebook (Walks With Rama) that will chronicle the emotional transformation and hunger for growth that often occurs after a life-changing event.  The book will not only focus on my mastectomy and recovery journey, but also on the accompanying difficulties of marriage, motherhood, the dream I’ve held since childhood of establishing my own kennel and the search for peace at the end of a lead.


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