My Journey


10 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Puddles mum here…I had no idea you were going through this but bless you for having the courage to put it all out here to heal yourself and to help others in the process.
    I hope you are doing okay.


  2. Hi there, this is Chloe and LadyBug's mama. I echo the words above mine…I didn't know you were going through this, but I send thoughts and prayers your way. I admire your courage. Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Shannon, you are by far one of the strongest women I have ever met and I admire your STRENGTH. You are blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful children, and loving family and friends with a lifetime of support. Thank you for sharing your daily experiences and opening up your life to help others! We are thinking of you daily and sending hugs your way…xoxoxoxo Michelle & Steve

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. Sorry you've had so much difficulty with the expanders, hope everything goes well from here on!
    I had my annual mammogram yesterday and came home to 3 messages, 2 from scheduling and one from my Dr., of course they're closed until 9AM tomorrow. I already have a mammogram & ultrasound scheduled for 9AM Monday, I hope to be mad at the Dr. for freaking me out over nothing. aaaggh…

  5. I am sending prayers and good vibes that everything is just fine. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and commenting. I actually haven't updated this blog in some time and I really need to, as so much has happened. I guess I just didn't want to think about it for a while. Next week I go for another attempt at reconstruction. ((fingers crossed))

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