Unexpected Surgery















At around my 6th week since the exchange surgery, I began to notice the incision on my right breast starting to look an awful lot like it looked when the expander had tried to pop through a few months earlier.   So instead of my 6 week appointment being filled with talk of my getting back to working out, being able to swim, show the dogs, etc, the doctor took one look at me and booked me for surgery the next day to revise the incision before it got any worse.


My husband was in India.   I had scheduled a hair appointment, a spa appointment to have everything waxed and was going to be the epitome of hotness when my globe-trotting husband returned home that weekend.   Alas that was not to be.  I would be hairy, my hair unwashed and in need of color and back to the “no shower” regimen for a while.  ((Sigh))

I had all kinds of visions of the doctor opening me up and finding infection, taking the implant, you name it.  I told him if he had to, to take just one and leave the other one there.  I psyched myself up for the worst.  Thank goodness for family. My sister-in-law drove me to the hospital and stayed with me.  I woke up to hear that the surgery went well.

HUGE sigh of relief.

I’m trying not to stress out and to be thankful for everything being alright so far.  I know there are SO many folks FAR worse off than me.  I’m just having a difficult time with the recovery portion of this process.  I’d been looking forward to being able to be active again, to losing the weight and getting back to some sense of normalcy.  I’m a bit bummed.  I won’t lie.  I’m praying my skin holds and I get to keep these implants.  I am cautiously optimistic.






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