1 Month Post Exchange Surgery

Yesterday was one month since my exchange surgery.  I’ve been back to the dr a few times since, 2 times for scheduled appointments and once a few days ago because of my own paranoia.  I have some implant rippling and because the skin is so very thin under my breasts (where all the weight is concentrated), I’m having visions of my implants poking through, falling out, etc.  I went in a few days ago and had them take a look and they assured me that everything was fine so far, even though I still have to be very careful and make sure to wear a supportive bra that is not too tight.  I’ve purchased a few different kinds and am rotating and hand washing them each day.  They’ve not instructed me to massage anything yet, but they have told me to apply lotion to the thin areas because they appear a little dry.  I’ve had some skin flakes on the inside of my black bra and camis with built-in bras.

I’ve been wearing tank tops for so long it feels uncomfortable to wear anything with sleeves, but I wore this the other day because it was a little chilly outside.  I am wearing a 40D bra with no underwire and no padding.  I think my breasts look a whole lot bigger in photos than they do in person.

photo (35)photo (34)


The second photo is the same bra in a cami with a built-in bra.  So essentially, I have 2 bras here.  The cami is a bit tighter and so I use these for sleeping because they told me that while sleeping, if I am on my side, they don’t want the breasts to move or slide over, like breasts naturally do.  They suggested maybe placing a small towel between them.

I got in a few days of walking (3 miles, very leisurely) before I came down with a horrid yuck and have been lying around doing nothing since.  :-/  I am trying to be patient but I’m getting heavier by the day it seems.  My goal is to be in a bikini by summer.  Might be a bit of a far-fetched goal, but I need to lose about 25 lbs.  I’m ok with being heavier, but it goes right to my stomach, and after 3 c-sections, it’s pretty well shot.  Meh.  Maybe one of these days when this ordeal with my breasts is over I can think about having that fixed.

I have another appointment at the end of the month.  I expect that at that time we will then wait 3-6 months to see how everything settles and decide what exactly we are going to do next.  Given the choice, I think I want to wait 6 months rather than 3.  I need a break.  I need a chance to get in on some of the summer dog shows and work with the new puppy as well as go on some therapy visits with Rama, who is newly certified as a therapy dog.  I am hoping to take her up to MD Anderson (where I was treated) and Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children and give back that way.





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