Post-Exchange Surgery Follow-Up

I went yesterday for my first post-op since the exchange surgery, 5 days after getting my implants.   The compression bra was choking me, the clear surgical tape was causing me to want to scratch my skin off, but I was a smiling fool because I’d reached a major milestone in this process.

I joked that I was so tightly bound up in that bra that my boobs were going to come shooting out ((insert video game shooting laser sound here, aka PYEW!  PYEW!)) at the nurse and knock her out.  When the compression bra and surgical tape came off  I swear I sounded like someone out of a porn film.  It felt SO GOOD.   I won’t even go into how awesome the alcohol cleansing thingies felt.  I would have paid someone to keep it up all afternoon.

The nurses were very pleased with the way my breasts and incisions looked.   One of the nurses who’d been in the operating room during my surgery came in beaming a huge smile and said, “How do you like the size?  I pushed for bigger breasts for you!”  She knew I had hopes of going larger, especially after all the disappointment of the past year.  I was very happy with the 600 ccs I got.  Things are a little less swollen than a week ago, but still a little puffy and definitely bruised.  He was able to do a lot of capsule work and completely remove the dent in my left breast as well as move my nipple enough that it doesn’t look as skewed as before.  I was so excited to see that dent gone!

photo (30)

photo (31)

Yeowie! Bruise where compression bra was twisted and dug into my skin. 😦

photo (32)

After removing the compression bra, they re-dressed the incisions and nipples.

I got my first look at my new breasts without any bandages in the mirror behind the door in the exam room and was so happy.  I could see for the first time in months how I could expect them to look when they were healed.  It was a far cry from the blubbering mess I was in that same office months earlier when they’d informed me my expanders had to be removed.

They want to see me back in 2 weeks.  No bending, lifting, stooping or side-sleeping.   Essentially, don’t do much.   I still can’t shower (sponge bath is ok) and since the collagen doesn’t start rebuilding until the 4-6 week mark and can continue for a while, I was told not to start doing more strenuous stuff even if I felt better.   I was told to wear tank tops with built-in bras or sports bras and to keep the bandages in place until my next visit, replacing them with new ones every 4 days.  I am still on antibiotics.  They are taking no chances with my history of complications.

The sleeping situation pretty much sucks.  I’m not sleeping well at all.  My ass is falling asleep and I can’t get into a position where my neck doesn’t hurt.  I am afraid if I sleep completely flat I will end up rolling onto my side.  Last night was particularly rough.  I think Rama senses something amiss as well, because for the past few nights starting around 3 am she’s been scratching at my door. I know they miss doing 6 miles with me every day.  I miss it, too.  😦  I can seemingly feel the weight creeping back on as I sit and do nothing.  I just keep telling myself that when this is all said and done and I’m finally done with everything, I’m going to go workout crazy!  I already have plans to do the Susan G Komen 5 K in Orlando next year.  Unfortunately this year I was in the hospital when it was going on.  Can’t wait until next year!




9 thoughts on “Post-Exchange Surgery Follow-Up

      • The alloderm and stitching was loose and the implant was moving around too much. off center. also I had two lumpectomies on my right before the bilateral. much better now. pretty tired of surgery, though. sarah

      • Not sure why exactly. It didn’t take and was falling, so to speak. The implant was removed a d the doctor did a lot more reconstruction work internally with different muscles. I am now battling infection and hopefully winning. I see the doctor tomorrow. I have been in string anti optics since the surgery and had the grain removed a couple if weeks ago. They look great. I am hopeful. Peace.

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