Pre-Surgical Consult & Labs

This was written prior to my exchange surgery.  I did not realize I hadn’t posted it.  Whoops!

Today I went for my pre-surgical visits.  We are now 3 days away from surgery.   They went over what is going to happen during the expander-to-implant exchange, what could happen and what I will need to do afterward.  They also took photographs.  Not since before the mastectomy have they taken photos, but today they did.  It’s going to be interesting to compare them all at the end of this journey.

They told me they would be ordering 3 different sizes of implants.  One the same size as I am now, one smaller and one larger.   Normally I would not have drains after the exchange, but if the dr enlarges the capsule it could create more fluid, in which case I will have drains.  We shall see.

They also informed me that he will try to position my nipples as symmetrically as possible without actually cutting them and moving them.  That will be later, if it is deemed necessary.  So after moving my skin around to position the nipples where they are as even as possible, he will “press them down” (the nurse’s words) and wrap me up so as to keep them as still as possible.  I am not to lie on my side, definitely not on my stomach, and must be careful not to roll or do too much  moving so they heal in the correct position.



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