Exchange Day!


Getting prepped for surgery

We arrived at the hospital 2 hours before my scheduled surgery, so I sat there and fiddled with my phone and pretended not to be going bonkers inside for some coffee.  Surgeries were running a little behind, so they started a little later.   We went through the normal surgery prep and eventually my plastic surgeon came out and did his artwork.  He told me what he would be doing, what we would need to do next time and about how long before they would be wheeling me back.  He seems a very down-to-earth man and always makes me feel as if everything really will turn out fine, despite my mind racing through everything that could go wrong and cause me to wake up with no implants.

I (half) jokingly told him, “Think big, Dr.  Think BIG!”  After all, it was Valentine’s Day and after all this, what harm was there in wishing for an extra perk in the form of larger breasts?   My skin being thin in areas was a prime concern of course, but I told him to do what he could to give me a bit of an extra bonus in the boob department.  🙂  He smiled, said he would do what he could, and was off.

Not long after that I was wheeled back and went night-night.

My husband had to pick up the kids from school so he was unable to be there in recovery when I woke up.  I woke up with no nausea.  Yay for great anesthesiologists!   I looked down and was so relieved to see and compression bra and breasts!  I can’t recall who it was that told me first, but someone informed me that he was able to place 600cc implants.  Awesome!  I was so happy.  I also had NO drains!  I drifted in and out of sleep for a little bit longer, thankful that this part of the process was now behind me.

I went home that day, sore but so glad to be done with it.  I’ll have another few months break before having to discuss the next (and hopefully last) surgery.   Here is the photo I took the same day I came home.  Notice my left nipple is a bit out of place.  This will have to be corrected next time.

I chose high profile round silicone gel implants.

compression bra after exchange


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