Good news!

Well I went last Tuesday and I am officially done with expansions!  Yay!  My exchange surgery is scheduled for the end of Feb.  I am so excited!  They’ve instructed me to massage my breasts daily (several times a day, actually) with lotion and vitamin E to further loosen things up as there are a few spots that want to adhere.  It’s a bit weird as I’d been so careful about not touching them and now I have to massage them.   It feels weird.  Some spots are numb, others are not.  They still feel very hard but I can tell they are relaxing.  They seem pleased with the way the skin looks and think I will be happy with the results.   I am to slowly start integrating myself back into my regular activities, still with a 15 lb weight limit.

I tied Rama around my waist this morning and did a 3  mile walk.  She was so excited she nearly tripped me about 5 times, but at least it took the pressure off of my arms and left them free.  I am glad to  be able to get back out and be active again.  So much to do and to look forward to.

The exchange surgery will not be my last, unfortunately.  We will allow the implants to settle for a few months and then they will do a fat graft to fill in any spots that might need plumping up since I have no natural breast tissue left.  I am hoping by that time to have lost these pesky 25 lbs that have been hanging on during this period of inactivity.  One step at a time.




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