Almost Done!



Expanders are actually dropping nicely.  I still have soreness, but it is waaay more bearable than it was even a week ago.  It still hurts to sneeze.  BUT I can sleep flat on my back now without feeling completely suffocated and I can get up without feeling like my chest is ripping apart.  Big pluses!

Even though I weigh more now than I did fully pregnant with my first child, I am feeling prettier.  Sexier, even.  I cannot wait to be back to my old self (as close as I will be, anyway) and get back to my life without limitations.  I have so much to do…

I am going in to see the plastic surgeon tomorrow.  He looked at me 2 weeks ago and said he felt we were probably at the end of the expansion process, but that he would see whether or not 2 weeks made any sort of difference and one more could be done.  I honestly think I’m done.  I am excited to have gotten this far.  That much closer to the end!




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