A Little Closer

During that first week after surgery, I was looking at my breasts several times a day looking for any sign of redness, an expander trying to pop out, monitoring my temperature and getting alarmed the few times I did have a slight fever.  When I went in for my first appointment after the surgery there was some redness noted, but we think the majority of that was the clear tape, which itches me like crazy and to which I have a proven sensitivity.  They cleaned everything up a bit, examined, consulted the plastic surgeon and decided that it looked well enough to go ahead and take the drains out.

Now if you’ve ever gone through drain removal from your breasts, there is only one word that does it justice–


One nurse on each side, take a deep breath, exhale as they pull out the drains, which are encircled around the inside of your new breast pocket.  Ack.  So gross.  They are a teeny bit smaller around than a pencil.  You can feel them spiraling around as they come out.  There was some extra fluid in there that we were hoping expansion would push out, and when the drains came out, so did some fluid.  On the floor, my arms, the chair.  Ew.  It’s a good thing I have a strong stomach.  Better out than in, however.

After cleaning everything up and covering the drain holes with a bandage, one of the nurses went to consult with the doctor as to whether or not I would be getting expanded.  They returned with several syringes and announced that I would be getting 60 ccs!  Woo hoo!  I was surprised but excited.  I seem to have more feeling this time than that the first go ’round, so I did feel the needles as they inserted them.  Whatever.  You can saw my leg off at this point.  I just want some semblance of breasts.   They also decided because of some suspicious redness under the left breast to put me back on antibiotics.  I was glad of that.

Following are pics from first visit after surgery and first fill.  The small bits of gauze above the gauze that covers the nipples is where they inserted the needles to fill the expanders.  This had to remain on for 24 hours then could be removed.


Knee socks both hid my disgusting hairy legs and would keep me warm in the chilly office


After first fill. 60ccs.


Small bit of drainage on bandage over nipple, left breast, day after first fill


Right breast day after first fill, showing moisture of some sort on bandage over nipple


What I looked like in a loose-fitting tank top after first fill


It never was determined what the moisture was on the gauze over the nipples.  Perhaps just sweat?  I don’t know.  Nothing else ever happened with that.  There was some redness all along the tape, which was driving me nuts, but they wanted to keep the tape on until the next visit and still no showering.  Ick.  I would come back in one week.

It would prove to be one long week.








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