Post expanders take 2

I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he wished there were more to work with;  that he wasn’t sure what we would end up with.  And this was pretty much what he told me.  He was not sure how far we would be able to inflate the expanders, and if it turned out that the skin was so thin that the expanders and implants would actually be visible through my skin, that he may end up just using abdominal fat.  I was not unhappy with this, since my abdomen has enough fat to make some pretty good boobs and then some.  Implants would be heavier, he explained, and we would still worry about the risk of infection.  Everything was pretty much up in the air.  It was a wait-and-see type of thing.   Although he assured me I would end up with breasts, he could not tell me by what route we would eventually get there.  Not yet.

So I took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do this.”

I went in for surgery on October 18th, the day before my sister’s birthday and before a dog show I’d been looking forward to for some time but would unfortunately miss.  I had one dog out with a handler and wished I had someone to send me pictures.  Thinking about the dog show kept my mind otherwise occupied.  For a little while anyway.

He was able to insert the expanders, but I did hear from one of his surgical nurses that it was difficult.  I was pretty swollen.  It actually looked as if he’d put some fluid in them, though I was assured he had not.  Here is the first photo post-surgery:


4 thoughts on “Post expanders take 2

  1. Our stories are very similar and I would like to know how things are turning out for you? I had a mastectomy and tissue expander placed. 4 weeks later (after repeatedly letting my Dr know I felt there was problems) I burst open at the incision. After seeing the Dr, he sent me home, open wound and all, and scheduled me for surgery the next day. Turns out I had such a massive staph infection that there was nothing but ‘mush’ when he removed the tissue expander.
    3 months later, here I am, a week into having the tissue expander in (and had a ‘lift’ on my other breast). I have a low grade fever (under 99.7) and seems that fluid is building up around the expander (which is what caused me to burst last time….). I see the Dr tomorrow morning and although I have faith that things will be ok, I’m very nervous.

    • I am praying that everything is going well for you. What did the dr visit reveal? How are you feeling?

      Physically I am doing well. My exchange surgery is scheduled for Feb 14th, and though I am glad it is close, I am also doubting my emotional readiness for it. I have spent so much time in recovery mode that being able to DO things has been wonderful. I’ve managed to lose some weight, and I don’t want to gain more during recovery because I am not allowed to exercise. I’m fighting depression on many levels. I need to get back in to a therapist.

      What was your diagnosis?

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