Well F***

I went back to my plastic surgeon’s today so that they could look at the draining area along my incision.  It appears the same, despite the new antibiotic and upping my protein intake.  The slightly red areas along the bottom of my breasts (between nipples and incisions) have also gotten redder.  Not good.  The nurse told me that the red areas are probably irritated from the inside because of the accumulating fluid sitting there.  They told me to stop taking the antibiotic they prescribed me last week and gave me two new prescriptions for antibiotics.  Joy.  I think I would rather be admitted and have them give me IV antibiotics.  I am wondering why we can’t just insert drains again.

They mentioned possibly having to remove the expanders and wait three months before trying to put them back in again.  My heart sank.  Oh God, I thought, no way.  Not after we’ve come this far.  I can’t even think of that right now.

Redness right breast

Redness left breast


After the second dose of both new antibiotics I developed a lovely secondary infection downstairs.  Yep, may be TMI but it’s the harsh reality of antibiotics.  If I weren’t so scared of these expanders having to come out there’s no way I could live with a yeast infection on top of everything else.  But right now I’ll gladly deal with it if it means the expanders can stay right where they are.   I’m trying to rest and take it easy, but it’s hard.  I feel bad with everyone taking care of everything so I try to do whatever I can.  Apparently it’s been too much.  So here I sit on my bed, Food Network on the tv, forcing down as much water as I can, listening to the dog snore louder than my husband and trying to will my skin to heal.  Not fun, but still better than cancer.


2 thoughts on “Well F***

  1. We are still checking in here every few days.
    Hope your recovery takes a strong turn and a fast road to wellness.
    Hey ya get to watch Food Network and listen to Ram snore.
    Looking forward to you posting telling us you are on a Sunny Beach with your hubby.
    xo♥ Cinnamon and Linda

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