A Small Setback

A few days ago I noticed I had some drainage from my incision.   This hadn’t happened since the drains were removed, and the draining that time was the actual drain sites.  The was along the incision under my right breast.  Of course it was a holiday, so no doctors were working, but I called the on-call physician and he told me to come in to the office the next day.  I did and even though it didn’t appear infected, they wanted to keep an eye on it.  It isn’t a large spot, but it was draining and open, so the potential for infection was there.  I had been running a low-grade fever and feelish feverish as well.  I went back a few days later and it looked better, but they decided to skip expanding any further until it was healed.  They said basically that the fluid accumulates and normally the body re-absorbs it, or sometimes they said it just finds a place to push it out.  The opening is surface only, not the stitching underneath.  They put me back on antibiotics for 7 days.  I feel better about that.  The pills are HUGE (yuck) but I’m choking them down.  Also eating lots of yogurt and taking my probiotic.

Spot where fluid is draining

They have me changing the gauze dressing twice a day.  I’ll go back in four days for them to look at it again.  It appears to be healing up nicely and I don’t notice much drainage today.  I am doing my exercises and enjoying have more mobility.  I haven’t taken anything for pain in quite a while now.  I am bad about taking my muscle relaxers, mainly because I hate taking pills and they are so freaking huge.  I have had a hideous pinched nerve for over a month now, though, and it really needs to stop hurting already.  The doctor stressed that I do my exercises to help with my shoulders not locking up on me.  Keeping my shoulders back isn’t comfortable at this point, but I am able to do it.  I have been hunched over for too long, curling everything around my breasts, holding my arms up in front of me protectively.  Everyone has had to keep reminding me to put my arms down and stand up straight.  I’m getting better about it.  Baby steps.  I’m a long way from where I was.

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