Week 3

So this is starting week three after the expander surgery.  Pretty much every day I have had a low grade fever.  So far today I have not, but starting last night I have crazy rib and shoulder pain.  I have been sleeping propped up by a ton of pillows and I am wondering if that is why.  I will be calling the doctor tomorrow and asking if I should be concerned about this.  All of my incisions look fine, and my temperature has not reached 100, but I can feel my body struggling.  Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed.

Today I had to get out of here.  I decided to try my hand at driving.  I was told at my last appointment that as soon as I felt like I could do it, I could drive.  I decided to drive around the neighborhood first to test myself.  We happen to live near the house where a mother of four recently shot and killed her four children, then herself.  My son rode the bus with the three oldest and I would frequently see the oldest son while out walking dogs.  Most of the candles, shirts and stuff left there to remember the family has been cleared away, but a few things still remain.  Such a sad, sad thing.

On a brighter note, I did well driving and ended up taking a short jaunt to a nearby shopping plaza and just walking around.  I needed to get out of the house.  Badly.  Made it home just before the rain.  I was very proud of my first excursion since the surgery, but I was surprised at how tired it made me.  I have been very tired since the surgery but I guess sleep is good when you need to heal.

I have been doing my exercises and things get easier each day.  I actually did full makeup today–eyeliner and everything!  Woot!  The abdominal swelling has also gone down and my bruising appears to be getting better.  Looking forward to my plastic surgeon visit this week.  Every fill brings me closer to the end of this thing, but more importantly for me right now, a much-needed break before the final surgery.


2 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. You have written this blog so well and you are amazing! I have recomended youe blog to another lady who is going threw the same procedures so she can get some inspiration…take care

  2. I am not sure what to say.
    Not wanting to hurt you or offend you in any way.
    I been told that saying anything is better than nothing.
    So here goes.
    Thank goodness you had skilled surgeons to guide their hands while performing your
    operations. It was painful for me to see the pictures of you bruised.
    I remember back in the early 1970's my grandmother having a mastectomy,
    she was cut from her belly button to under her armpits. Thank God we have come so far today.
    Can you e mail me your address I would like to send you a little gift.
    ldc 724 at g mail dot com.
    P.S. Tell Rama Hello from Cinnamon.

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