Second Expansion

I went back to the plastic surgeon’s office yesterday for my second expansion.  The previous week we’d done 60 ccs.  This week they wanted to try more.  My healing was going well, though they said I needed more protein in my diet to help facilitate proper healing of the skin.  I have some pretty good bruising on my right side near the drain site and they want to see an improvement in that.

The nurses entered the room with four syringes instead of the two like last time.  They were going to try to double the amount of saline this week.  I got to 90ccs and became light-headed and needed to lie the chair back.  We decided to stop there and try for more next week.  The dented portions of my left breast are still not completely filled out but it looks better.  It’s so weird sitting in the chair and looking down at needles sticking out of your breasts and not being able to feel them.  I can feel the expansion; it feels like stretching, which is exactly what it is.  They are stretching the skin to make room for the implant.  After we get to my desired size we will then wait three months and I will have a final surgery to swap out the expanders for implants.  I’m enjoying having more movement and no drains so I’m not really in a hurry to do that just yet.  I need a break from surgeries and feeling helpless.  I can’t stand not being able to do simple things and having to ask people to do the easiest of tasks for me.  I mean, opening a pill bottle hurt.  Took me a while to be able to open the refrigerator and even pull my pants up and down to go to the bathroom.  Not fun.  Before I do all of that again and start from square one, I need some time.  A three month wait is perfect.

My parents stayed here my first week after surgery, then my husband’s aunt, then last week my Mom stayed again.  Even though I can do some simple things I can’t pick up the baby and her care is a full-time job.  Thank goodness for family.  Friends have also brought us food.  We are so thankful for every bit of help we’ve received.  Dad came to pick Mom up yesterday and they took me to my second expansion appointment before heading hone to have a break for a week.  Mom joked that I was going to come out of there looking like Dolly Parton.  I’d mentioned that to the nurse one time and she said, “Hey, go big or go home, right?”  We all got a good chuckle out of that one.

Because they wanted me to take in more protein we ran by Target and got some protein powder, protein bars, fruits and things to make shakes and vitamins they’d also suggested I start taking.  I am not a fan of pills.  I hate taking them, but I got them anyway.  Why must vitamins and supplements be so freaking big?  Yuck.

The following are shots taken after yesterday’s expansion.  The remaining bandages came off yesterday but they covered the sites where they injected the saline.  I can take them off today and take a shower.  WOO HOOOOOO!  I am SO excited to finally be able to do that.  I haven’t had a shower since the night before my mastectomy.  I tried to shave under my arms yesterday and was half successful.  Other areas haven’t seen a razor in almost a month, either.  Ew.

The following images are for adult audiences only and intended for educational purposes.  If you are not 18 years of age or older, please exit site now.  Viewer discretion advised.

Second expansion, added 90ccs both breasts

Side view from right


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