Two Weeks Post Surgery–Black and Bloobies

Since I had my drains out we have to change the bandages over the healing drain holes to make sure they are kept as clean as possible and to keep an eye on them to make sure they are healing up alright.  I also need help changing since I cannot raise my arms up very high and so the other day when we changed my bandages I wanted to get a good close look at everything so I looked with my close-up mirror.  I have a really good amount of bruising along my incisions and around the drain holes.  I am supposed to keep the bandages over my incisions until my next visit at the end of this week.  I can see the edges of the incisions and I must say…ew.  Poor boobs.

The expanders aren’t filled completely so I have a good dent on my left breast, with a smaller one on the right.  I can’t wait until they are at least filled to where I don’t have visible dents.  I finished my antibiotics, thank goodness.  They were huge and they smelled awful.  Blech.  The muscle relaxers are horse pills, too, but they help.  I feel very tight in my chest and it’s odd to have no breast movement when you walk or move.  I feel pressure in them when I get up from a sitting position (mostly the right side) and if I am riding in the car and we go around a curve or over a bump it hurts.  A lot of pressure.  It is a little easier to take a deep breath today than it has been and I have a new feeling of pressure in between my breasts.  They itch, which I guess is a good sign of healing.

I’ve been rather disturbed by the abdominal bloating.  It was pretty severe.  I honestly looked as large as I did when I was 6 months pregnant.  Apparently it is fairly normal, but I was also close to my period, which also causes my abdomen to swell.  Add in the fact that I haven’t been “regular” since surgery and well, I’m looking pretty rotund in the midsection.  I can’t even button my big girl jeans.  Each day it gets a little better but I still hate it.  My abdomen has always bugged me.  Three c-sections and a host of other uterine procedures has not been kind.  It honestly bothers me more than what my breasts look like right now.

Another ew is the fact that I can’t get my arms up high enough to shave under them.  Yeah.  If I could manage it I could braid them and put beads in them it’s that scary under there.  Thank goodness I can wash under there now and put on deodorant.  It was getting pretty ripe there for a bit.

Here are a few shots taken during a bandage change.  This is two weeks post-expanders.  I am starting to see what they will end up looking like.  I am so happy I could keep my own nipples and I think they look pretty good.  They are responsive but they have no feeling.  I am numb almost half way down my breasts.

Viewer discretion advised.  The following images are graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Left breast.  You can really see the abdominal distention here.

Bruising around right drain site.

Under construction.  Large indent and bruising on left breast is very visible here.


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